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As the only independent source of travel planning information on Northwest wine regions, The Grape Northwest offers a unique opportunity to reach your target audience of wine-country travelers as they plan their visits to your destination. We combine posts sharing that latest on notable people and activities with curated listings to guide visitors to the essential tasting rooms, restaurants, hotels and inns in each featured region. In this manner, our editorial content empowers visitors to make informed decisions on where to taste, dine and stay when they arrive—and book their experiences in advance. This makes display advertising on The Grape Northwest a powerful tool for promoting your products and services directly to your target audience. Best of all, our rates are structured to make display advertising on The Grape Northwest fit into every marketing budget.

The Grape Northwest is a WordPress site that uses AdRotate Pro to manage ad placement. Our rate structure is based on a CPM model, ensuring that you only pay for the number of times your ad is seen by those interested in visiting your destination.

Introductory Rates

(see below page for configurations)
$50/1,000 views

* Leaderboards (aka Banners)

2,000 views/month (average), or approx. $100/month

Sidebars and Longboards

1,000 views/month (average), or approx. $50/month

Ad specs

Leaderboards: up to 728 p x 90 p
Sidebars (squares or rectangles): up to 360 p
Longboards: up to 728 p x 90 p

* For leaderboards, an accompanying square ad is recommended to enhance visibility in mobile views, with no additional cost to the advertiser.

Contact Rob Bhatt at The Grape Northwest to learn more and place your ad: (425) 351-6979,